Free2Go™ Testimonials

Raj M.

Satisfied Customer
Somewhere in the Caribbean

I wish to take a few moments to tell you about your product and impact it has on my life. I have a rare disease called Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) which has no cure. I was diagnosed with it at the age of 55 and it has robbed me of 65% of my arms and legs. It is a degenerative disease in that eventually I will lose all the functionality. Needless to say, daily functions such as toileting, are next to impossible in public restrooms.
Once my wife discovered your product, we were highly anxious to see its effectiveness. The Free2Go changed everything for me. It gave me complete freedom to go to restaurants, hotels and grocery stores. We even used to visit several national parks out west. My wife and I are avid outdoor enthusiasts, but the handicap has severely curtailed those expeditions. In the past, we have hiked many mountains of the world thus exploration is in our DNA.
At the age of 63, we came up with a crazy idea and are sailing around the Caribbean on our Catamaran, and the Free2Go is an absolute must part of my life. Thank you for coming up with such a liberating product.

Gail J.

Oak Island, NC

I wish this product had been available when my Mother was ill. I could only load so much equipment in my car to take her out of the home. Thank you for coming up with a product that will help so many.

Joseph and Gail B.

Satisfied Customers
Grayslake, IL.

Hi Lesli,
My wife can't wait to use her Free2Go Rollator. We think it will give her the privacy and confidence that she had lost. I remember every time we went out and she had to use the bathroom, I had to go into the ladies room with her. Needless to say, I was caught more than one time trying to help my wife up from the toilet! I'm 78 years old with lower back problems and it is very difficult to try to lift her. Again, thank you for your personal and print attention, and thank you for your great product!

Daniel H.

Healthcare Sales Professional

This innovative product was created out of Lesli Wang's need to take care of her mother. The combination of the rollator and the commode is a creative and practical solution for the mobility-challenged and the urinary-incontinent user.

I have been in the HME industry for over 20 years, and the Free2Go™ Rollator fills a huge void in the medical device industry.  This functional and much needed solution allows patients the freedom to leave their home and feel confident that their bathroom needs will be comfortably met in a public restroom.

Christine C., MSN, RN-BC

Assistant Nurse Manager
Palo Alto Veterans Health System

My unit takes care of patients with many commodities, such as heart or kidney failure, diabetes or lung disease, and many with chronic wounds.  Many of these patients are debilitated and weak from prolonged hospital stays.  The Free2Go™ Rollator would be a perfect option for these weak patients, those with strokes and other muscle wasting diseases, amputations; and lastly, those patients with painful arthritic joints.  The opportunities for success with the Free2Go™ Rollator are endless.

Joye S.

Satisfied Customer
Meadow Vista, CA

My husband and I purchased a Free2Go™ Rollator from Lesli this year for my mother-in-law.  It was a wonderful experience as a whole.  The customer service was stellar.  Lesli delivered it to my mother-in-law's apartment, so I was able to visit with her and ask questions as they came up.  I was extremely impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the product!  Having purchased walkers in the past, I feel like I have a little knowledge about them.  The wheels on the Free2Go™ Rollator are of high quality, so that produces a smooth rolling for whoever will be using the walker, young or old.  The tight breaking system is great when using as a commode - which is very important!

As a whole, it felt very sturdy.  I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone.

Kathy T.

Satisfied Customer
NSW, Australia

Let me tell you, again, how much the Free2Go™ Rollator has changed by life!  I have my freedom and dignity back!  I live a good 6-hour drive from the capital of NSW, Sydney, where my specialist is based.  I fly to my appointment with a helper.  I cannot tell you how much easier it was in August to take just one walker (not a bag with a raised toilet seat - which I needed help to get off any - and a walker).  The Free2Go™ Rollator was given royal treatment and went on as premium hand luggage.  The trip, though still difficult, allowed me to toilet myself in privacy - something I thought I had lost!

So thank you very much, once again, for developing the Free2Go™ Rollator.

~    Cheers, Kath

Barbara R., RN

Satisfied Customer
Leeds, MN

Dear Lesli,

Pleasure meeting you!  I do think you have a WINNER of a product to enhance travel with ease.

A few comments about your product:  My mother loved the height and the ease of rolling it up to the toilet.  I loved the fact that it had wipes readily available.

Let's connect before the end of the cruise.  I want to take some brochures home!

Khiem T.

Satisfied Customer

Very useful!

Linda M.

Fayetteville, NC

My Free2Go walker has changed my life!

Two years ago, I could manage only trips to my orthopaedists at Duke. Even this trip was a nightmare ... asking for help from strangers- male and female - to get me off the "handicapped" toilets or chairs in restaurants. Sadly, dreams of travel for my husband and I were lost. I became resigned to being a shut-in. Then I saw an ad in a catalogue - it was the Free2Go Rollator!  I took a chance. Now, I am back! I go out to eat at least 4 or 5 times a week, shop, visit, go to museums, etc. My husband and I even took a trip to San Francisco! I am truly "free to go"!

Dan & Marlene B.

Kaysville, UT

The Free2Go Rollator is a life saver for my wife! It has given her the freedom to go out in the world again. Now she has the safety to use a public restroom and the mobility to get around stores, restaurants, casinos, etc. We bought two - one for the home and one for the car. We were looking long and hard for a solution to our problem. Medical equipment stores, rehab centers, senior centers and doctors offices need to know about this. The Free2Go Rollator has been a life saver and a life changer! Good luck with a great product.

Rosie C

Support Plus Customer

Excellent and practical rollator

Having worked as a home health aide for years, I wondered if there was such a product on the market for my senior clients. I am so glad there is! This will make going to the store with my clients so much easier. Brilliant and wise purchase for many of my clients in the future.

Joaquin G.

Satisfied Customer
Vacaville, CA

Thank you so much! This is the type of walker/commode combination my wife and I have been looking for. Before this, we would have to rush back home after dining because she had to "go". Now, we are no longer limited to time and places we can go without worrying about going back home right away.

Kath T.

Satisfied Customer
NSW, Australia

Hi Lesli,

I am looking to purchase a Free2Go™ walker/toilet combo rollator.  I have been searching for something like this for years.  I have a rare muscle wasting disease and can no longer sit on normal height chairs, toilets, etc.  I currently walk with a walker and use an over-the-toilet chair at the highest height.  I am becoming housebound. My nephew found your product online and it sounds like something I could benefit from.

Looking forward to changing my life.  Thank you so much for designing this!

Wylie K.

Physical Therapist
Santa Clara, CA

As a Physical Therapist, I immediately saw the value in the Free2Go™ Rollator.  Most of my patients are dealing with post surgical issues following a hip replacement surgery.  If a toilet is too low, it could cause hip dislocation after surgery.  I have had patients ask me:  "How do I use the restroom out in public?  I use a commode at home because the toilet is too low for me, but I cannot bring the commode with me to public place."

The Free2Go™ Rollator solves this issue by combining the walker with a commode seat that is discreetly hidden under the rollator seat.  The Free2Go™ Rollator allows the user the freedom to go out in public and discreetly - and safely - use the restroom.

Vanessa G., PharmD

Health Quest, Inc.,
Fair Oaks, CA

The Free2Go™ Rollator is an option for Mom or Dad to remain independent while on the go.  I didn't understand the complexities of the ageing process or the progression of certain health conditions that could make someone become a recluse - until I met Lesli and her Mom, Elaine.  I believe in this product and will market it with some commonsense.

Thank you for inventing such a fabulous product!

Joan C.

Amazon Customer

This is a fantastic product for my mother. I am telling everyone about it at the rehabs and the doctor’s office. It can help so many people and improve their quality of life, and as soon as more people know about it you won’t be able to keep enough in stock. Thank you for inventing this!

Jessika H.

Satisfied Customer
San Jose, CA

Birthday boy is VERY happy and excited about his top of the line, fresh off the factory floor, Free2Go™ Rollator!  He asked, "This is really mine?", then grinned from ear to ear, like I can't ever remember seeing him smile before!  He walked easily around the yard for the first time in a couple years, and immediately started planning things he could start doing again - outside of the house - without worrying about bathroom safety and mobility!  My heart is happy! Best gift we could ever have given him - some mobility and independence back!

Kathryn S., RN, BSN, ATP

Group Travel Expert/Bucket List Adventures
CEU-Professional Education Cruises
Hobart, IN

Lesli has developed a device that is a GAME CHANGER for the senior population.  As the daughter of an ageing mom and dad, I know from personal experience, this device not only provides additional bathroom safety, BUT it provides the ability to leave the home with increased confidence and independence.  This product deserves your attention and consideration.

Carolyn K.

Amazon Customer

This is an awesome product! Before this, I would take my mom out and pray she didn't need the restroom. It was so hard to get her down and up even from elevated handicapped toilets. I had to get help from strangers! Now she can easily use the restroom and it has opened her world to many places. Before this, I thought I would have to hire help. For me to take mom on outings. This was a lifesaver for us!


Amazon Customer

It was a gift for my mother (age 93). She loves it! When going out,she no longer has to worry that the toilet height is not the right height for her. The seat-in-walker does the trick!


Amazon Customer

A great invention! Fantastic for IBM patients. Do more advertising in Canada, please!

Benefits reported: The height,size, weight, back rest, the sturdiness and folding system

Mary F.

Cedar Rapids, IA
Amazon Customer

It is hard to put into words how much your rollator means to me!

I am 56, and after years of wondering what was happening to me, I was finally diagnosed with a muscle disease causing extreme muscle weakness that affects me from head to toe (basically a form of muscular dystrophy). During my visit with a specialist, she recommended the Free2Go Rollator. When I watched the videos at her office, I was almost ready to cry. This type of walker was the answer to my prayers!! I felt like a weight had been lifted off me!! I can finally use a public restroom without worrying about getting up.

I want to thank Lesli so very much for designing such a wonderful product! Lesli was so wonderful to work with! Love it and look forward to being able to travel again!!

Pamela H.

Graeagle, CA

I wish I had bought the Free2Go Rollator two years ago, before I fell into a rest stop toilet using an ill-fitting toilet seat riser! At the time, my 69 year old husband had to haul me out of that toilet.  I didn't know these wonderful walkers existed!

After that incident, my forays outside of the house have become very infrequent as a rare autoimmune muscle wasting disease (Poliomyelitis) continues to eat up my muscle strength. Even so, with almost barstool height seat on the Free2Go Rollator, I can now manage my own in public once again without anxiety and without my husband's help.

How did I find out about the Free2Go Rollator? Just after I ordered a standard walker from Costco, I walked into the bathroom and looked at our toilet. Surely someone has figured out a way to combine a walker and toilet seat, I thought. So I Googled "walker and toilet seat", and wept when the Free2Go Rollator popped up on Amazon. Thank you, God!

And thank you, Lesli, for filling a gap sorely needed by people with compromised muscles or joints. I am grateful for any device that helps keep me on my feet and gets me outside to once again enjoy the world beyond our gate.