Innovative Bathroom Safety and Mobility Aids

The people behind Free2Go™ Mobility Products believe that safety for seniors and mobility-challenged individuals must extend beyond the home. In line with this, we are committed to offering products that are “free-to-go.” This means they are safe, portable, and discreet. Most importantly, our products promote independence. It's time to enjoy life on the go!

Our Story

Lesli Wang was looking for a toilet safety product for her mother to use when leaving the house. She wanted one that was portable, discreet, and dignified. Unsuccessful in her search, she was determined to fill the gap in bathroom safety products.

She thought, “If a raised toilet seat and/or toilet safety frame are needed inside the home, wouldn't they be needed outside as well?” The answer came in the form of her invention — the Free2Go Rollator — the first product to combine the benefits of a raised toilet seat, toilet safety frame, and rolling walker.

Lesli’s journey from commercial property manager to patented inventor was awarded HomeCare Magazine's "Story of the Year 2016."

Our Vision

At Free2Go™ Mobility Products, we believe in improving the lives of seniors and mobility challenged individuals by providing exceptional toilet safety and mobility aids that will enable them to feel confident, comfortable, and safe when leaving their home environment, as well as the assistive devices they require to live a less dependent life. Restoring dignity... it's what we do best.

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We are pleased to be working with the following institutions to provide individuals with neurological diagnoses, such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, brain tumors and balance disorders, with assistive products needed to perform their daily living activities safely, confidently, and discreetly.

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The revolutionary Free2Go™ Rollator combines the benefits of a raised toilet seat, toilet safety frame and rollator walker, providing toilet safety in any restroom! Read what customers and industry professionals have to say!